Maine Lottery – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Whether you’re an Oregon native or just visiting the Emerald State, you’ve probably heard of the lottery. Despite a relatively short history, the lottery has earned a reputation for providing some of the largest jackpots in the nation. In fact, the Oregon Lottery is responsible for more than $1 billion in winnings annually.

While the lottery isn’t exactly the most technologically advanced state in the nation, it does boast several interesting feats of pixie dust, such as allowing players to place bets through their mobile devices, and running sports betting pools. The state has also gone the extra mile with an anti-gambling initiative, including the creation of the Maine Council on Problem Gambling, a Twitter account, a dedicated email address, and a list of warning signs.

While the Oregon Lottery has certainly earned its stripes, it has also been the subject of much scrutiny. In 2010, the National Gambling Impact Study Commission issued a report on the state’s gambling industry that came down hard on its business model. Among other things, the study found that Oregon’s video slot machine industry was one of the fastest growing in the nation, attracting the attention of the federal government. At the same time, the recession has hit retailers, and the Oregon Lottery has had to cut commission rates. This has resulted in a decrease in the numbers of high rollers, and a dwindling appetite for online gambling. However, the Oregon lottery is still the state’s leading revenue-raiser, bringing in an estimated $1.3 billion annually. In addition, the state’s casinos have been operating since the early 2000s, bringing in the state’s second largest revenue stream.

While there are many interesting games to play in the state of Maine, the lottery has a particularly difficult time enforcing its rules. As a result, a few retailers have been forced to shut their doors, while others have had their licenses revoked. The best way to avoid getting stuck in a bind is to use common sense, and do your research. While the lottery is loath to take legal action against retailers, it is largely reliant on the revenue generated by the machines.

While the state of Maine doesn’t have an online casino or sportsbook, it does have two brick and mortar casino properties. There is a fair amount of horse racing and off track betting in the state, along with bingo and daily fantasy sports contests. A few states have taken the plunge into the world of online poker, while Maine remains a virtual poker desert. Until recently, the state had no online gambling sites to speak of. But that may be about to change. Several of the state’s casinos have a mobile site, and there are plans to add online lottery games in the coming years.

The Oregon lottery has made the most of its limited resources, and has been able to offer a Vegas style terminal in every corner of the state. But, the lottery’s ability to offer such a variety of gambling games has been criticised by some, who believe it makes it easier for problem gamblers to get in the habit.